The new automated economy is seeing brands as diverse as NIKE, UBER and LEGO using intelligent vending machines to provide rewarding experiences to their customers.


Moet & Chandon are using smart vending machines in corporate offices, off-prem channels and sporting arenas to ensure they are in the relevant places for every celebration.


Once the info has been submitted, a unique code is sent to the user’s cellphone via SMS. The user then enters the code into ABIE’s keypad to release their FREE sample.


Lego have launched intelligent vending machines at train stations to help parents keep their kids occupied during long journeys.


Pharmaceutical retailers are setting up mobile pharmacies to satisfy consumers demands for on-the-go convenience.


Uber has launched their smart vending machines at airports to assist travelers who don’t have the Uber App.


Nike is using vending machines to allow runners to redeem their ‘sweat fuel” while on the run.


Loreal, Benefit and Sephora are just some of the brands using vending machines to offer samples to women at airports, hotels and train stations


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