Ursula McDonald

Managing Director & Founding Partner


Ursula has more than 26 years of hands-on experience through-the-line, building prestigious brands, at some of South Africa’s largest advertising agencies. Ursula worked internationally in the UK and was selected to attended Wharton Business School in Philadelphia for leadership training, where she gained a global perspective that helped her to lead Havas South Africa as Group Managing Director and Ignite Joe Public as MD, where she doubled revenue in her two-year tenure, before leaving to found A Country for Jane.


Ursula’s proven business acumen, PR experience, global mindset and practical understanding of budgetary restrictions have allowed her to play a pivotal role in designing cost-effective, yet innovative marketing tools that are setting A Country for Jane apart from traditional advertising agencies. She champions thinking that reinvents the value brands and companies can bring to the world, ensuring they remain relevant and socially conscious in a rapidly evolving world and economy.

Pippa Capstick

Executive Creative Director & Founding Partner


Pippa has over 20 years of experience in South Africa’s most prestigious advertising agencies. She learnt the fundamentals of creative entrepreneurship while starting and building Ignite Joe Public, a cross-platform agency that she grew from 2 to 30 staff members in 5 years. Being a true strategic thinker, with a keen understanding of business realities, has given Pippa an edge in an industry that is fast moving out of creativity for creativity’s sake to measurable and innovative business solutions, that are revenue-generating and relevant, in a struggling economy.


An award-winning creative with multiple Loerie, Cannes & Pendoring awards, she has proudly judged and won Apex & Assegai awards for effectiveness and has been an invited speaker at thought leadership conferences. Her creative philosophy comes from a deep desire to change the advertising industry, so creativity becomes valuable and valued once again by clients.



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