As businesses look for growth in an economy where job losses and budget cuts are the norm, traditional marketing efforts, especially in the B2B arena are being pushed to innovate.


Our answer is Leads by Jane.


This unique business tool runs on an intelligent LinkedIn platform and, using automated technology, matches highly researched content with business prospects most likely to find it engaging. As prospects engage with the content, their interactions are scored using a dynamic dashboard. More engaged prospects get a high score and create a pipeline of verified sales leads. Using a smart APP, sales teams are then trained to form online relationships with these prospects, leading to face to face meetings and a higher percentage of successful deals.


Results have been groundbreaking.

Accepted industry benchmarks for lead generation campaigns are 3%.

Leads by Jane regularly delivers results of over 35%.

We’re building a new country, from the bottom-up. New rules, different thinking, more heart.

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