When you arrive in our country, you won’t hear jargon or meet ad people. Our country is ruled by ideas not egos.


We move beyond the product and identify real consumer needs. We look at the value chain of your business to unlock value gaps, finding a solution that delivers results, not media space fillers. We’re not in it for the glory. Rather, in our country, we value economic stability, growth and positive change. Here our citizens are hard-working and genuinely committed to finding a new way.


Our anthem speaks about nation building, purpose and giving every business the best possible chance to thrive in a new world. To do that, business needs fresh thinking, courage and a partner with the grit to pull it off...


And then there’s Jane.


We are a women-led company. And according to Forbes that’s a powerful thing. We’re better at taking charge and excel in collaborative environments. We value transparency and build better, happier and more productive teams. We’re better at accurately allocating resources to a given task.


And we listen. And that means we’re building more profitable and productive companies.


You see the thing with Jane is she really can multi-task. And yes, we also like shoes.


Why is A Country for Jane different?


An agency that offers clients affordable, effective and creatively smart solutions that helps them achieve their targets and financial goals.


Effectiveness is our first priority.


Our key strength is developing new and innovative value propositions that give consumers tangible reasons to engage with your brand.


Risk / Reward Fee Model.


This model puts at least 10% of our fee on risk, earned only if we meet your targets. Reciprocally, it allows for the potential to earn increased revenue when your targets and revenue are exceeded.


Business ideas - no lines.


A Country For Jane is an integrated solution – we create a concept and then seamlessly execute and bring it to life in the mediums and platforms that will engage best with your target market.


What is it like to work with us?


Our agency is formed from a management team that consistently scored an industry leading 8.2 and 8.4 for likelihood to recommend. (RAM: An independent agency survey affiliated to the ACA).

Full-service marketing innovators.


We offer Strategy, ATL, BTL, Digital, Social Media, Activations, Internal Communication, PR, POS, Media Buying, Corporate Communications, CRM,  and Design.

We’re building a new country, from the bottom-up. New rules, different thinking, more heart.

9 The Straight Ave & Forest Road, Pineslopes, Fourways