She’s Super Smart


•   ABIE is an ‘Automated Business Intelligence Engine’ which basically means she’s an intelligent vending machine linked to automatic data capture.

•   She’s your girl for automated sampling and sales that can be integrated into existing store based or digital channels.

•   She’s great with consumers, offering engaging promotional and activation opportunities requiring no human interaction.


She’s not a hugger


- ABIE is a social distancer. Sampling, purchasing and rewards campaigns are fully automated requiring no human interaction

- No shared data screen. Consumers use their individual smart phones to interact with ABIE.

- Innovative WhatsApp payment channel ensures cashless payment.



She’s a looker


- Abie is beautiful, sleek and her LED lighting smile really is a showstopper!

- Our girl is POPI compliant.

- She’s fully serviced and maintained on a monthly basis – lucky girl!

- Bespoke branding opportunities means ABIE seldom wears the same dress twice.



She’s a great networker


- Total capacity: 1080 products

- Intelligent product tracking allows for smart refill schedule

- Can mix brands/products



Abie doesn’t need a blesser


This girl is low maintenance. You get the versatility of flexible locations, round the clock functionality, no staff costs, no shrinkage, no hassle – just sales.



She loves hanging out


- Over 100 secured sites

- Malls, corporate offices, train stations

- Reach more customers more often through a distributed network of sites

- Small, secure, will travel!


(RAM: An independent agency survey affiliated to the ACA).


She’s always ready to chat


- Real-time personal data collection via consumer’s smartphone allows for personal marketing campaigns

- Can dispense product samples, product purchases, instant rewards

- 24/7 window shopping

- Can offer extended shopping hours with low operating costs

- Launch new products while driving sales back to store and e-commerce sites.

- Plan for multiple marketing messages, across multiple consumer segments, easily viewed on one integrated dashboard.

- Offers dynamic advertising on LCD screens



Why consumers love ABIE


∙ She’s filled with their favourite things. They love the speed and convenience of purchasing or sampling a product instantly. No waiting for delivery or paying delivery fees.

∙ She can offer instant/ on the spot rewards. No points, no delayed gratification and rewards can be relevant to the location and target market.


Why Brands Love ABIE


∙ Agile and flexible expansion of their retail presence without traditional overhead costs

∙ Flexibility to increase capacity and product variety.

∙ Consumer interactions are recorded and analyzed, providing new opportunities to influence the consumer

∙ Entry into niche markets – corporate offices, malls, hospitals, stations, with low entry investment.

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